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How do you get rid of ants in the kitchen? Answered


Put cinnamon down anywhere they are coming in. Sprinkle liberally. They will not cross it. If you can find their trails outside going towards your home (or anthills), cross those with some too. I buy bulk at the co-op and use my own container, so it's not expensive. (know the weight of your container so you can tell the cashier and they should reduce the product weight they charge you for accordingly) I keep a margarine sized container full on hand, since I live in the wild and there are more of them than me.

Follow an ant! See where they're getting into the kitchen and if you can, block the hole up. They may just find another way in, so repeat the exercise If they are coming in from outside, put a small pile of sugar fairly near the nest. They will carry it back, grain by grain and I've found that if they have a good nearby source of food they won't bother to forage further.

What if the ants are coming in the kitchen from the outlets!!!.  I have had that problem last summer I tried al the remedies but not borax. Th e ant kill pelts seem to attact them and not kill them.

#1 Clean your kitchen - get rid of spills, sticky residue, or other unsecured food items that the ants are feeding on. #2 Kill, Kill, Kill - use bait traps that you can buy at a local hardware store, or make your own out of borax and honey. Use 1/8 tsp borax in 1/4 cup honey (or molasses, jelly, frosting, etc.) Keep away from children and pets. The ants will eat the bait, transport it to the next, and spread it around. They will all die of borax poisoning. (not great for humans to ingest, but lethal to ants and silverfish).