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How do you get scratches out of a plastic table without refinishing the whole thing? Answered

Cuttin stuff on ma table, scratched up it. Real annoying. Just surface scratches. How do I smooth it back?


.  If it is a "hard" plastic, very fine sandpaper (somewhere around 320 grit or finer - depends on the plastic) and/or some buffing compound should work.
.  For "soft" plastics, you're pretty much out of luck, as far as I know. Maybe someone else has a fix..

There are 2 products that I know of.

1) Pumice stone . This is very course and used for removing material.
     You don't want to use it.

2) Rotten stone. Is a grey very fine powder used for polishing finishes.
     Use a cotten cloth with no pills on it. Fold it up into a small square 4 
     layers thick. Dip it in water to wet. Dip it in the rotten stone and do the "wax      on" thing round and round in small circles about 2 " diameter.
     This will produce a Shiney refelective surface.
     Do the same thing only with an oil and you will produce a satin finish.

Recover the top with new plastic.

If you want to remove all trace of scratches then you have to grind the surface flat - Wet and dry paper will do this easily - Go finer and finer until the surface is  matt all over them polish with metal polish to get back to a shine. Its a lot of work.

If it's a shiny plastic, go the the auto parts store and pick up a micro-fiber polishing cloth, bottle of rubbing compound and a bottle of polishing compound.

Apply the rubbing compound according to directions and use it to get some of the scratches out.  Then use the polishing compound to make it shiny again and get out the finer scratches and swirls.

If you have to do a very large area then you might want to use a power drill with polishing pad to do it.

Im trying to do it with stuff around the house, so I think i have the drill and pad somewhere....

If the scratches are not too deep then you could try tooth paste.  If it's not abrasive enough add a little baking soda to it, the use just tooth paste in the end to get it really shiny.

I think its more than that. Tooth paste would be a while. Its kinda deep on a hard plastic. Im not trying to polish it.

What is it made of, specifically?


Idk. Can tell you its plastic on the top though, obviously not wood or metal.

If it's Melamine / Formica - that hard patterned stuff, you're a bit stuffed. There's a thin surface layer with the pattern on it, scratch through that and you've got the (brown?) stuff underneath.
You might try mixing wax (candle) with colourant, or getting the right colour wax, and filling the scratches with that, buff it with a cloth. But you fill those scratches in, can't refinish a thin surface.


Its deep enough to be annoying, but not enough to see stuff. And im not good with molten liquids that stick to ya. Ex: boiling syrup =(

For the surface I imagine, it's a fill-in job. What you fill in with (could be cheese..) is up to you. BUT, if you get a great idea - make an Instructable of it.


you could fill it in with fix-it. Or some type of resin. fix-it is something from billys Mays commercials.