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How do you get supper glue not to stick to the inside of the package? Answered

I saw a super glue saying that is sticks to everything and it also says that it can stick to aluminium... But then i saw that the package was made out of aluminium... How can it stick to aluminium but not stick to the package?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Super glues, also called cyanoacrylates, cure (harden) in the presence of water.

So long as the glue tube is sealed, there's no water or water vapor available to initiate the hardening process. The glue stays liquid.

You beat me to it - second this answer.

so dose this mean that the glue will cure faster if you put water on it? kinda a stupid queestion but it just poped into my head

yes thats why it only sticks to your fingers and not anything your trying to glue. but seriously popular science had an article on preserving snow flakes with super glue. the snow flake acts like a catalyst to harden around it preserving it for years.

There's enough moisture in / on what you're gluing - it's only an initiator to get the polymerisation started. (adding too much water would stuff it up) L

This was a stupid question of me...BTW some glues cure when they come in contact with air....