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How do you go about removing salts from bore water with magnets? Answered

There are some products about that claim to remove/breakdown salts etc from bore water. They consist of a giant magnet that straps around the PVC out flow of your bore. They can cost over $1000 AU. - Is it possible to DIY


Just buy a bunch of disk magnets smaller than the I.D. of the pipe and drop them in, separated.  Then bang on the outside of the pipe. Be sure to flush the pipe out afterwards.

The magnetic deals sold for water pipes are specifically to 'de-fur' pipes of Lime deposits. The magnetic field in these units changes the lime molecules from a spiked molecule to a bead and thus stops it from adhering to the pipes, kettle elements etc. AND they DO WORK. for that! I use one on my borehole to house line!
To 'soften' water you have to do it chemically. The other alternative is to go with a 'Reverse osmosis' plant which isn't that expensive now!

Use the magnets to build a generator. Use the generator to power a still. Outside of that, I agree with the others who say you're buying into a scam.

You could always tape some magnets to a pipe. Or wrap a load of wire around it and connect it to a battery / solar cell. Go on give it a try, I'm sure it'll work as well as any commercial product (other comments noted). L

You don't. Magnetic water purifiers are scams.


9 years ago

This sounds like classic snake oil. AFAIK, in conventional science, magnetic fields cannot remove salt from water. Putting magnets around pipes is a very popular sell because it seems like it ought to do something- you can buy magnets for your car fuel lines and your own blood vessels as well to ostensibly improve your fuel efficiency and prevent arthritis, and there's little evidence that either of those do what they claim to either.

The best way to remove hardness in your case is probably with an ion exchange water softener, which exchanges salts that cause hardness with harmless ones.

I agree with PKM here. Magnets are not the right tool for this job (unless someone is dumping steel shavings in your water line.) Even if you were going to use magnets, any website that touts their health benefits is a terrible place to buy them. A distributor who specializes in magnets would be much cheaper. To compare deals, calculate the price per cubic centimeter of actual magnet. If you don't want an ion-exchange water softener but do get plenty of sunlight, you might be able to use solar water distillation to get small amounts of pure water.