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How do you help a video game Junkie? Answered

My brother is a huge video game addict. Hes up in the morning with the wii and late in the evening with the Xbox. Hes always on and disconnects from the outside world, forgetting all work or jobs. If some on else is playing he either whines to them to get off or does this annoying "stare over your shoulder" thing that bugs me (To simulate play a handheld while someone has there jaw half a inch above your shoulder, staring intently a your game). My parents constantly take the video games away but he just goes to his friends house to play more 360. Whenever he is out in the real world he is always either talking or ,worst, acting out video games(there is a funny story involving my brother, CoD4 and JFK international).He never gets any excersise or fresh air and he is annoying to play with.



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There are a number of tech solutions that may help you, at least in your own home. I come from a household of video game addicts (I myself used to be a mild video game addict, but elliminated them from my life when I left home for college), and one thing my mother ended up getting to help control access to electrical devices was a plug lock similar to the one in the link. If your parents are onboard with it, it may be a reasonably effective way to limit TV access, which is a good start at least.

Getting him/making him find a girlfriend might work Take his games away, don't let him on the internet, don't let him play with his friends Paintball/airsoft could work too. He can act out the games while getting excercise/fresh air.

I second the paintball idea.  Could work...

I heard of one man who bought his "game-addicted"  kid a CHICKEN. Not a DEAD one... a LIVE one!  This caught the attention of the boy because he had something to take care of.  Probably not a good idea unless you live where zoning laws dont prohibit owning a chicken.... but then again, what's more important... obeying a zoning law, or helping a child with a problem?  I suggest getting a BABY chicken... that he could raise himself.  They only cost a dollar or 2 at country hardware stores.  I never owned one myself, but i bet a chicken is pretty hard to ignore... especially when it starts laying eggs!

I agree with you with by brother