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How do you hook something,like a climbing rope wall, to a ceiling without damaging it? Answered

Im moving. I've been hooked on Trading Spaces Kids Edition for a long time. The result? A really crazy idea to hook a rope climbing wall to my ceiling, that could double as a room divider. If they can do it on that show, I can do it. Is it safe?  How do I do it so that I don't damage the ceiling. Thanks for your help.


Anchor plates secured by heavy screws driven into the joists would seem to be your best bet. How many you'd need depends on the combined weight of it plus the users plus the dynamic load you'd put on it. Personally, I'd recommend paying the money and getting an engineer to look at it, just as you would if making other nonstandard alterations to a building.

Seconded - if it was just for you to mess around on, use the biggest strongest bolts/hardware you can find and hook it into the ceiling joists with all the hardware you can muster.

If its going to be used by others, especially children - you want a professional, not a guess, giving the advice.