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How do you jailbreak an iPhone 3g, software version 2.2.1, with QuickPwn? Answered

I've followed the steps that pretty much every online guide is saying, so please do not refer me to one of those. The QuickPwn screen says, "It appears to be successful," after my attempt at it, and my iPhone does a bit of configuring like normal, then when it gets to the time to reboot, it shuts off, then freezes at the start-up screen. It vibrates every once in a while, and eventually times itself out and tries again. This is about my 5th time trying it over 2 days. It worked once, the second time, but I had not restored it from a back up- it was just set up after you connect it to restore mode then restore it with the computer. That just means it was like brand new, out of the box with nothing on it.



9 years ago

check your download..it could be a broken/corrupt file...

I downloaded directly from QuickPwn.com so I doubt it.

true, is the file large...b/c a network malfunction or internet malfunction can screw things up...

... your kidding right? It isn't a corrupt program, trust me.

Sadly I was quite cereal..