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How do you kill Chinese bamboo? It has taken over half of my yard and continues to expand it's coverage.? Answered

Someone recommended rock salt so I put clumps where ever there was a bamboo stalk growing and it did not work. I took a rototiller through tearing out the roots but it grew back immediately. i have cut it back over and over and within days it is a foot high again. I have used weed killer and still it grows. Napalm has been suggested but I would need an American air strike for that .




7 years ago

napalm would only work on the plants above ground, this is a very durable plant and can survive fire, salt, pesticide, and people. I enjoy it as a building material, and if you post in your local free stuff paper or craigslist for people to come cut what they want of it, you will at least be able to keep it down.


8 years ago

Salt is a terrible idea, and none of the rest will work anyway.

The best way to get rid of bamboo is of course the hardest.  You have to carefully dig it up along with all of its roots and its runners.  Bamboo generally grows within the top 6" of soil, and the roots and runners are pretty obvious.  I've had to do it, and it sucks because the stuff is fast.

Another option is to consistently remove all new growth as soon as it emerges and to essentially starve out the roots.  This requires constant attention to the affected area for a while and being very judicious with the pruners at any sign of regrowth.

You also have to be aware of where the bamboo might have gone off your property.  If it's on someone else's property, it can still come back through, and if you want it gone permanently you have to install a bamboo barrier under the ground to a depth of 18-24".