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How do you know if she likes you? (teens)? Answered

well, she sat next to me, played dominoes, jacked my phone and set the ringtone to permiscous boy(don't ask why i have that) wrestled(and i mean wrestled!) the phone out of my hands when i tried to set it back. i got it back an hour later when she left. i went to change everything back and her phone number was in my contacts. :) i've seen her once before


Well she will give you a sign. Did she Mess with her hair( when a girl does this she wants your attention to look at her prettiness. Did she like to physically touch you like put her hand on shoulder( this means she is trying to get a close connection with you so you might blush and like her back. Does she randomly say hi to you. Does she blush around or make herself look pretty. These are some signs or liking you. So think about it

If she volunteered her phone number, she wants you to call her. Do it.


9 years ago

Hmm, sounds like she was flirting with you.

Body language can often signal when someone is interested in you, it can be quite obvious if you know the signs. There are a number of books written on this topic, this can really help you figure out if a girl likes you.