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How do you like your meats? Answered

How do you prefer your meats cooked?

I like any kind of meat, including fish well done, sometimes to the point of drying it out a little.

It's not the taste to me that I don't like about not completely cooked food. It's not some worry about bacteria or anything either.
I just don't like the texture that you get, especially with fish and eggs.


Steak: Rare to Medium Rare (depending on the cooks definition) i like it to be warm in the middle, but still nice and bloody. Pork: medium well (i guess? i don't know what it actually is in pork), it needs to be the same color all the way through Chicken: cooked (undercooked chicken is just gross, forget safety, it's just gross) eggs: i don't like eggs that much but if i get them scrambled they should be a little loose, fried should be over medium Fish: raw (sushi yum yum) if not, i pretty much only like fried fish. or a nice side of bbq'd red fish

Frying food always makes it 1,000 times better!

Me too