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How do you make a Japanese bamboo water sound to scare great blue Heron attacking my gold fish pond? Answered



8 years ago

I'm not sure for how long it will work but: thin bamboo sticks (tomato sticks) with thread (black polyester or better kevlar) to and fro over the water- every few feet hang a "junk" cd or two- close enough to bang into each other every so often- this worked long enough to get grass to sprout but they were smaller birds too.also jingle bells, strips of fabric, change it up- keep those birds on their toes.
concept: the twirling, reflections and sudden noises are unpredictable and tend to frighten the herons ....(additionally; give the fish a place to hide)
I've also been known to lay in wait and use the cds like frisbees aimed at the rocks around the pond- not the birds!-no gripes about hurting them:  I have never injured a bird I haven't killed and eaten.  :O)

Search for Odoshi shishi It is used to scare deer.

i think i know what you mean. you need , some kind of musical instrument made of bamboo (dont know what its called) when you bang it, with a (drum stick, small hammer) it makes that sound you want. water pump and pipe to run water. run water up a rockery type thing, then when water runs down to a pot, the weight makes the pot tip, to hit the hammer thing, that pivots to hit the bamboo instrument. then the pot rises again to restart the process all done with pivots, seesaw action. i could draw a diagram much better than explain it, but hope this helps

don't know what the heck that is but you ever thought of putting chickenwire over the pond?