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How do you make a Medieval Pavilion out of an 11 x 11 foot Portable Canopy? Answered

I would like to know how to build a Medieval Canopy out of a Sun Canopy. What I mean by Sun Canopy is it does not have a solid roof and I would like to make a cover that would cover the roof that I could tie off and make removable walls that don't cost alot of money. The people who made the canopy I have no longer make them. Ive seen walls for canopies, but they are always too short or not wide enough. Also I would like for the walls and the roof to be water proof. Thank You for Your Help in this.


Oops almost forgot the SCA has more than just fighting. They have Arts and Crafts, Blacksmithing, and tons of other stuff. We even do plays and Music.


Thank You for your ideas I never heard of some of the products you just told me about such as the Dylon, and Nikwax and I never thought of using rivets.

I can get the rivets from the guys who do Armor and fight. They always have Rivets.

If anyone is interested in Joining a Medieval Re-enactment called the SCA there are SCA groups where you live. Here is the link to their webpage if you would like to join.


To be in the Heavy Armored Fighting you have to be 16 with parents permission or 18 by yourself. If your parents won't give you permission you can always ask one of the fighters or even one of the Knights if you can be their Squire until you are 18. They will teach you how to fight, make armor and soforth.

I've never replied to anything on here so it's taking me a while to know what to do. I hope I don't mess anything up. I've never thought of using unbleached cotton. Thank you for your Answer to my question you have been very helpful.

As frollard said, use cheap cotton for the fabric.

You can dye it in the washing machine, with things like Dylon, or painted when in place.

You can also waterproof the fabric in the washing machine, using products like Nikwax.

If you can't sew large pieces of fabric, try riveting - you can get small riveting kits from craft shops.

Unbleached cotton is usually one of the cheapest materials at the store - stitching together lengths to create the size you need would work. It takes to dye well - and medieval stuff is usually darker colours, so you dont need to start with white cotton.