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How do you make a USB game controller out of a Sega Dreamcast game controller? Answered

 I have an old Sega Dreamcast controller lying around in my house and I was wondering: How do I make a USB game controller out of it and if so, is it possible?



8 years ago

 You could get an LPC214x-series development board, like www.olimex.com/dev/lpc-h2148.html, and then cut the original button traces and solder them to the LPC214x's GPIO Pins, and write some USB firmware to implement a Joystick.

I mention the LPC214x series, because there's a wikipedia page that has source code and example USB firmware available, at wiki.sikken.nl/index.php, that has an HID class (same as all USB joysticks) in it.

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Answer 8 years ago

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