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How do you make a clarinet mouthpiece? Answered

The image will help give an idea of what it looks like. Be sure it works by inserting a reed in the mouthpiece and blowing in it. Thanks for listening!


Your're gonna need a wood lathe or be a very acomplished whittler.

By the way your image didn't stick.

Wouldn't it be easier to just buy an new one?

Or to buy another used clarinet, not necessarily in good condition except for the mouthpiece? You might need to adjust for fit, but that's probably easier than carving the whole thing from scratch...?

I played clarinet, many years ago. Also accordion, recorder, piano, synth (before synths were cheap) and a number of other things. I don't claim to have been _good_ at most of 'em.

If you don't care how ugly it looks, it doesn't need to be turned. It just needs to be a block with a slot to which a beating reed can be clamped and which can be connected to the rest of the instrument, tapering to something you can get into your mouth comfortably. Look at an existing mouthpiece and think about how you can get the same shape inside and where the reed mounts; don't worry too much about the rest.

Still not trivial woodworking, but that would certainly make it easier. You might be able to get away with just drilling at an angle to create the slot, or doing that and then using a chisel to further adjust the shape.

Note: All theoretical. Haven't tried it. No idea how good or bad it would sound, but I think it would work.

(The only beating-reed instruments I've ever constructed have been soda-straw soprano oboes -- cutting a double reed into the end of the straw, and cutting a few finger holes into its length. As a musical instrument, it makes a bad duck call, but it's good for demonstrating the idea and annoying people.)

No, I need to make one for a school project.


8 years ago

Maybe you could extrude one with a MakerBot!