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How do you make a computer game. Answered

that would be sooooo cool!!!!!!!k
inda like worlds hardest game or somehting?


FAR too complicated for Answers, at least for any game you spoiled kids would be interested in. (I grew up with text-based computer games.)

If you want to learn this, first learn to program in a decently powerful language. Then hit your local library and/or bookstore; there are many good books that give a basic intro to game programming. Inventing a game that's really fun to play takes a lot of imagination; making the game run on the computer takes a lot of work and/or a lot of experience.

I loved the text based games. Steve Meretzky is still my hero.
I nearly wore out an Apple IIc playing his Infocom games on it.

Unreal Engine 3 for games like gears of war and stuff like that

I took a programming class and we got into game making.  We used Game Maker 7.  Great software, best part is that it is free.  Download the installer and these tutorials.  Skip the packman tutorial, its useless.  Make sure to read through the rest (it's long, just to warn you)

The free version is limited to the first 5 tutorials, but it should be enough for you.  When you go to use it, it will say to upgrade to the pro version, but you can click 'no thanks' and keep using the free version unlimited.

If you need some help, feel free to ask -- I'm on here daily.