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How do you make a crocodile-shaped cake? Answered

I'm a guy and I've never baked a cake in my life, so I have no idea how to make one look like a crocodile. Alligator suggestions also welcome and encouraged.




8 years ago

once you're satisfied with the cake frost it just to cover it and stick it in the fridge (depending what kind of frosting you're using) this base layer will make the cake easier to do a nicer final frosting because you won't get the crumbs coming through. try using this frosting and this technique it works pretty well and is fairly forgiving, unlike fondant which dents and in my opinion, tastes nasty. Don't forget to be creative by using other edible things like candies for your elements. Good luck! Please post pics, I love cake decorating.

How crocogatorish does the cake have to be? The easiest solution is to start with a sheet cake and just cut a flat outline of the beast, then decorate to suit. If you want to go farther, of course, you can build up or trim down to use the third dimension. Pound cake, or another relatively dense cake, is fairly easy to sculpt. It may take a few tries, but generally it isn't hard to find people to help you get rid of excess cake. I made a taxi cake for a friend once. Start with loaf-shaped pound cake. Slice in half horizontally. One half became the lower body of the car. The other was cut down to become the upper section (windows and roof), appropriately sloped on the edges and glued back on top with icing. Cover in yellow icing; add icing in other colors for details (white for windows and lights, red for turn and brake lights, dark blue/black to outline doors and hood and door handles and similar details). I can't remember what I did with the extra corners of cake; probably just ate them.

Depending on the size that it needs to be (how many people to feed) I would make two 12 inch square cakes and then carve and place the cake using a couple of images from google unless I've been given an image to go against. Cake is a great material and very easy to work with, use a bread knife to shape it.