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How do you make a flying knex helicopter? Answered


i am working on a k'nex helicopter that will fly using the wind up motors. if i succeed i might post for you

hi, daredevil499 here. I actually forgot about the helicopter until today when I came across this page again. And I am going to start build it again and will try to post.

You cant make a motor out of knex but you can make a wind up motor
i think you know what i mean
im on it
ive just got into the hobby of HELICOPTERS

I almost succeeded and it lifted off 1 inch then fell. I am going to try a small motor from an old toy i took apart.

cool. can you send me the instructions for the first one and i will also try to make it fly with my knex

if i can figure out how to make it again i will. i accidently stepped on it and can't figure out what i did.but i do know i researched helcopters for the last 3 months and figured out how the rudders are positioned for lift off. i made them with micro knex and covered thehole with paper. so i estimate that i'll have instructions by february at th latest. oh and I made my first instructable so please check it out and comment.

What if you fill the holes up with a light weight material?

You don't.  First of all, what Mr. Stealth said, and second because Knex has holes in there.  Thirdly, the resulting helicopter would be too heavy even if you fix the second problem.

You could transplant the power supply, motor, receiver and servos from a r/c helicopter of like size and weight into the knex chopper you've made.

Unfortunately, K'NEX doesn't make a motor that is fast enough for the blades propulsion to overcome the weight of K'NEX. You could try a bunch of gear ratios, but I don't think the effort would suffice for the weight put in to the gears. Sorry.