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How do you make a haunted hair salon chair?? Answered

   I have one of those hairdressing chairs that pump up with your foot.  I was thinking of making the chair "Haunted"... as in having some kind of mechanical machine that (When turned on...)  moves the height adjustment foot lever up and down... causing the chair (And anyone sitting on it) to go up, up, up in height.  What parts do I need to make this fun project?



Best Answer 6 years ago

Sounds like a hydraulic pump.
You can buy electric motor and hydraulic pump or a hidden foot pump.
Put it in parallel with your pump to raise the chair when you are not there.


My chair has a foot pump with a U shaped pedal very similar to the picture you posted. Basically all I want to do for now is make some contraption that will move that pedal when the electric motor's turned on. How can I connect the motor to the foot pedal so that when the motor's running, the pedal goes up and down? Would I need some kind of hook or pipe? Thanks.

Take a small gear motor ( Ebay ) add a wheel ( engineers call it a cam )
tie the cam to your chair pump and you are a ghost..

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