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How do you make a home made FLIR blocker? Answered

I wanted to make a FLIR blocker to wear on my clothing and was just wondering how to do it?


First off FLIR is a brand name, you are looking for a way to mask your infrared signature. You will not be able to "block" the camera, it's just like a regular camera but it reads IR light not visible light.

Mythbusters tried beating an IR motion detector their results were;
Busted: Cooling the body with a fire extinguisher, neoprene diving suit, mud, and heating the room.
Confirmed: fire proximity suit, and placing glass in front of the camera.
This was simply a computer so even if one of the busted ones had worked it would have been obvious to a human watching the video there was a person there.

I assume you want to be invisible to a person looking through a passive, IR-only camera. The problem with this is that unless you are in a room of uniform temp the outline of your body will still stand out. You would need to mimic the heat signature of what ever was directly behind you.

Even if you managed this, and after all the awards ceremonies were over, it would easily be overcome by switching to an active IR camera that projects IR light out. Now you need to also absorb all IR light that hits you.

Why do you need to do this? If someone is using a FLIR type camera around you either you are doing something or are somewhere you should be or your paintball buddies are way to hardcore.

It isn't possible with tech you can afford.

I dunno.  In that movie, "Predator" (1987, Arnold Schwarzenegger, et al.)
Arnold was being hunted by some sort extraterrestrial sport hunter, who was using technology that could see wide-spectrum light, including infrared. 

To make a long story short, all Arnold had to do to make it difficult for the alien predator  to see him, was to cover himself in mud, as shown in the attached picture.

Maybe you could do something similar for your homemade wearable FLIR blocker.

BTW, I found that picture here: