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How do you make a panoramic camera hat from disposable cameras? Answered

I am interested in replicating the panoramic camera hat from the music video for Darwin Deez Radar Detector (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pbdLqTh_x4).  I know that the shutters are triggered remotely, but am unsure where to begin.  Any and all help is appreciated!


First you have to find out what the angle of coverage of the cameras so you can make sure they overlap in coverage.

Then  mount them securely so that they are in line etc.

Now figure out how you can trip the shutters all at the same time.  Cable, electrical which ever you choose.

Now are the cameras film?  If so you'll have to get the film developed and then I  would scan it and use "autostitch", a free software that will create panoramic photos from multi photos that over lap.  Nice software.

If they're digital then you just skip the scanning part and go directly to autostitch.

What have we forgotten.

Thanks for the response Re-Design. Much appreciated. I'm looking for any suggestions on actually HOW to set up the wiring so that the shutters are all triggered at the same time. Anyone have any suggestions, or better yet, a theory of a step-by-step?

Are the mechanical releases or electronic? 

If mech. then a metal ring with a "finger" placed just right to trip the shutters. When the ring is pulled down the fingers trip them all at once.

If electronic a switch closes a relay with a set of contacts for each camera.  Just wire the contacts in parallel with the push button.  I can come up with a better solution for this another time, it's late and I'm tired.  I worked today instead of taking a holiday.

Are they film or digital?

Hi Redesign, I would love to have more information on how you would go about setting up an electronic trigger for a film disposable camera.

You'll need to use either servos or solenoids to trip the mechanical shutters of the film cameras.

Using either it should be easy to get almost perfect syncronization of the shutters.

Google or search this site for more info on servos and solenoids.

Wow! I want to use film for sure as it would be much cheaper than digital. Do you have a suggestion on mechanical vs. electronic? I would think electronic might be more efficient and accurate. No? Any solution with details would be amazing!