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How do you make a sonic screwdriver that opens and locks doors Answered

Like for example i just want a sonic screwdriver that can open my room. All i am asking is what would i need to make it and how could i make it if its possible. Does anybody know how?


You will need a device that emits an ultrasonic signal for the screwdriver and a device that listens for a specific signal attached to your door lock. Chances are you will want to use a micro controller like an Arduino for the receiver. Once the Arduino detects the signal it can activate an actuator or motor that is tied to your door's lock and unlock the door for you. So you'll need to do some coding to make it work.

You can find all sorts of electronic lock projects for Arduino. Just a matter of adding an ultrasonic sensor to the mix and a means to transmit a specific signal to the Arduino so it will only let the signal form your driver allow access to the door.

At your local electronics retailer like Radio Shack. Or any hobbiest site like sparkfun or adafruit. A sonic range finder for the Arduino is a good start. You'll need to learn to use and program the Arduino as well as learning how the sensor works and how you can adapt it for your needs. Otherwise look into using an IRLED and receiver in that same manner. The screwdriver flashes the IR LED and the Arduino reads the flashes to open the lock.

Do a web search for different electronic door locks using Arduino or other micro controllers and see what others have done. Then you will get some ideas for implementing them in the manner you want.

so i should get a sonic range finder and where can i learn about that stuff?

You would probley have to add a lock picker to it if you have a non eletrical lock. now if you had a lock like peter parker did in the amazing spiderman youu could put a chip of some sort in the sonic screw driver and open the door. hope that helps.


5 years ago

The first TV remote controls were "sonic". There were little tuning forks inside that were hit with a hammer when you pushed the buttons. The sensor on the TV heard the sounds and responded. The range wasn't that great but it was a start.
So why do you think the dropped it and went with infrared? Because sound was not that great for that purpose. Granted the "clapper" has had some pretty good popularity but not much else worked that good.