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How do you make a speaker that will fit inside a costume that can be programed to make dinosaur sounds? Answered

I am building a dinosaur costume for halloween (probably wont be done till next year though) but i am clueless as to how to make something like this. Its what they used for the walking with dinosaurs costumes except i dont think they had their own sound system in the costume... (if this makes any sense). but i want to program raptor sounds to it but i only want them to be able to activate when i press a button but i obviously dont know how.



Best Answer 6 years ago

You could simply get a set of portable speakers, <$20 on Amazon, and hook them to a mp3 player. Just hit the play button on the player when you want the sound to play. If it's the only "song" in a playlist it will just play the same clip when you hit play again.


6 years ago

Go down to Radio Shack and buy one of these. You MAY need more amplification, but cross that bridge when you come to it - a bigger speaker might help anyway..