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How do you make a spring spear trap.? Answered




8 years ago

You mean like this?

Just like a summer spear trap, only a couple of months earlier.

You use different wood though, the spring-growth needs a bit more drying, but less whittling.


You can accelerate the drying a bit in a lumber kiln. Do not substitute a ceramics kiln. You'd think it would make the wood dry even faster, but it will only lead to tears.

Yes indeed ,but commercially kiln-dried timer costs a bit more per m3 You get what you pay for I guess. What angle would you go for on the sharpened-ends? I'm thinking 15o but that's a bit of a guess...


I suppose it would depend on how far you wanted to shove the spikes through. Penetrate too far and you could ruin the meat. Still, if 15 degrees was good enough for Uncle Vlad, who am I to argue?