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How do you make a vending machine control board? Answered

I am working on making a vending machine, and I wanted to make a control board for it also. I will need a circuit that when a light activated resistor senses that a laser beam is broken by a coin falling past it, it will press multiple buttons on a calculator. (for example, if the laser beam sensing when a quarter falls is broken, it will need to press +.25=) I will also need a circuit that subtracts the amount of money a certain object costs when the button for that item is pressed. It will need to not let you press a button and display something like "you did not insert enough money" if the calculator does not have enough money added on to it. I was hoping to not need to use any ICs for it, but if I have to that is fine. I would not pay any more than I would need to buy a controller that would work for it like a raspberry pi, and if you have any suggestions for a controller or how to program it, tell me those too. Thanks!



6 months ago

Arduino is all you need, the Pi is overkill (too much), for your math and logic..
You will need a serial LED driver, a key decoder and do get a professional coin acceptor mechanism.
If you do not program then take 3 months to learn or hire a pro...

and can u send me a link to the key decoder too? Thanks

what kind of programming do i need to know and is there any other way to program it like click and drag? And why do i need a professional coin mechanism?