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How do you make a very basic and small vu meter? Answered

I am trying to make a vu meter that is small enough for the dimensions to be 4"x2"x4". So I want everything to be no taller than 2inch from the circuit board. Is this possible? (Excluding the LED's)

I am just looking for some insight and help on a side project. That is all =) (I have not made anything on a circuit board before, so I am trying to learn)



4 years ago

Steve is on the mark, here is the VU-meter and a PDF of LM3915


Thank you. I will look at that. I was looking at the lm3915 after Steve mentioned it. =) I also looked up LED's called PicoLED's. They are small LED's. Do these run any differently than the standard one everyone seems to use? (I am sorry. I really know nothing about circuitry and such)

Picoleds are going to be very difficult for you to solder I'm afraid. You have enough space for ten conventional leds I really recommend that you use them!!

Look for a chip called the lm3915, there are example circuits here I expect