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How do you make a waterproof pocket with a zipper? Answered

I want to make a waterproof pocket to attach to my board shorts and preferably with a watertight zipper, does anyone have any idea how to make such a pocket?


I would just purchase a waterproof zippered pouch and simply put it inside one of your board shorts pockets. Its not that you can't make one yourself, its that you have to buy all the waterproof materials, then you need to sew and then treat all the needle/thread holes so that they don't leak... not super easy (or cheap).

I found you a link on Amazon.com. They have 3 pk zippered pouches that are 5" x 4" each. They are Scuba rated and they are currently on sale for $7.77.

I really don't think you could buy the materials to make even one pocket any cheaper (and this way you get 3).

You can always just make a regular zipper pocket and use a durable ziplock type bag and save on price and hassle.

There seem to be plenty of suppliers of watertight zippers (even airtight if I read the link correctly). Google is your friend! :)

The only water tight zippers I have seen are on Dry suits and have a rubber gasket that the zip presses together - Very expensive.