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How do you make a window seat? My daughter really wants one for her room.? Answered

What materials?
How wide?
Would you have to take down curtains or blinds?
How long does it take to make?



6 years ago

This would fall under "built-in" furniture. Check around and you can find carpentry books that have good designs for a general template.


6 years ago

The best answer without more details is "it depends".

Personally, if I was putting one in a bay window, I would make it about 2 feet deep, supported by battens screwed to the wall, and maybe a single supporting leg front-centre, depending on how wide the window was.

Materials - depends on what you want it to look like, and how much you have to spend. MDF, reclaimed floor-boards, half-inch ply wood etc.

Again, it depends on the exact dimensions desired, but it would probably not need the curtains removed.

Time? It depends on your skills and tools, and the exact shape you need to cut - anywhere between half an hour and half a day.