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How do you make an LED Nerf dart? Answered

I need to make darts light up a bright green color (not just glow), and I was wondering if it's possible to use button cell batteries (I've got a lot of them) to make darts with LEDs in them (clear/green) that light up? I want the weight to be in the front of the dart, and the LED to light up the whole dart body (dart head if possible). How would I do this?



7 years ago

It might be possible. With a small capacitor perhaps, like those used on those IR helicopters. Perhaps with a small timer circuit triggered by a spring switch (acceleration switch, i guess) like those light up spinning tops, so that you don't waste power lighting up the dart before you shoot.

The cap, LED, and restister would fit no worries, but lighting up only after shooting makes the circuit more complex. How small can you make a latching circuit with a timer cutout? Or forgo the timer and have a second inertia switch that opens on impact, so you only have the dart light up during flight.


8 years ago

 I'm actually working on this myself. If you were to use 3mm LED's with a tiny (3v or less) button cell battery, then using hot glue at the tip, it would hold the LED in place, allow the light (whichever color you chose) to shine through, & it shouldn't be any heavier than the mod darts that use bullet weights (fishing line weights). The AR might still get in the way, but I've removed the AR & the rods from all my guns. I'll put together a video & a post about this & upload it in the next week or two.


9 years ago

i think that if you put an led, the battery, and the wires in the dart,(the front) the rod that goes into the dart wont have enough room. because of the loss of space, the dart will stick out of the barrel. NOTE: THIS WOULD ONLY BE THE CASE IF YOU HAVE NOT REMOVED THE AIR RESTRICTOR ROD!!!

i now return you to your program. bye!!!


Answer 9 years ago

You mean the dart? Yeah I guess so. Oh well.