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How do you make an millbank bag? Answered

A millbank bag is a portable gravity powered filter bag.I want to know how to construct one.i have proceded to do this but i need more ideas.


You need to get some tight weave undyed canvas. Sew the edges of your yard and wash it in HOT water. This will shrink it and tighten it up more. Now cut your pattern(sorta looks like a sock with no heel). The bag should come down to a point on one corner. Some use gromets to make a hanger, I'd rather make a webbing loop up top(grommets seem to fail at bad moments). When using the bag soak it first, then fill it. let a good cup of water run off before you start collecting in your BOILER container(the outside of the bag needs to be clean). Millbank bags only get rid of the "floaties". You need to boil it for three min., the old saying is more bubbles less troubles.

p.s. if you use a ziploc it doubles as a pump.

sorry this is my question working on instructible. use ziploc bag, sand, and activated charbon in this manner

millbank bag.bmp