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How do you make homemade silver cleaner? Answered


Have you tried putting it in a solution of washing soda, against an aluminium plate ?


That is probably your best method. If you use baking soda (instead of washing soda), you'll also need salt in the mixture.

Either way you need a plastic container, aluminum foil (shiny side up), put silver pieces on the foil, add very hot water and either the washing soda OR baking soda and salt. The combination of ingredients causes a chemical reaction and the tarnish becomes attracted to the aluminum. If it does not, add more soda. Then rinse well with cool water and polish dry.

I have used this method for years & it has always worked well for me for everything from watch chains all the way up to silver plate platters.
Take a non metal bowl & line it with aluminium foil (I usually do it shiny side out but I have no idea if it makes a difference).
In a jug mix freshly boiled water & bicarbonate of soda, I use three heaped teaspoons per pint but have found that a lot can depend on the brand of your bicarb its age etc so you may have to experiment a bit with the ratio of water to bicarb.
Place your silver into the foil lined bowl & while the water is still hot pour over the silver until it is fully immersed leave for five minutes & check if you think it needs more check again every two or three minutes but don't leave for more than fifteen.
Rinse your silver & buff with a soft cloth.
Be VERY careful when using this or any other method to clean silver plate & if you are not certain if some of your metals may be silver clean them on their own after all Bicarb is not exactly expensive & it’s better to use a little more of that than to spoil your silverware.
Hope this helps.