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How do you make more complicated, multi-colored graffiti stencils? Answered

I've been looking at some street art by a guy named BANKSY in the UK.  He often uses several colors in his spray stencils.  To achieve this, would I have to create more than one version of the stencil, and cut out the shape of stencil #1 in an inverted fashion of stencil #2? 


The process involves simplifying an image to only a few colors. Anything more than 4 gets very tricky. Use a vector image editor like Inkscape to split each color into its own layer with registration marks, so that when you print each layer, you can cut them out and line up each subsequent layer. You can laser cut intricate stencils and save your fingers the x-acto cutting.

In order to make multicolored stencils you have to make multiple layers. If you want to buy them then find out where they are for sale. check the internet.

"a guy named BANKSY in the UK."
This is Banksy and he ain't "some guy" (or maybe he is...)
You are quit right, if you'd point to an image we might advise on the specific stencils you need.


You're right, he's not.  He's amazing.  I just discovered him and this medium.  I'll keep you in mind for future advising, when I'm ready to dive into it.  Thanks.