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How do you make potassium perchlorate??? i cant find a good answer anywhere Answered



how can iget abest search for it

well, thats a very smart answer " just get some sodium perchlorate and add potassiuk chloride"
well if he cant aquire potassium perchlorate, what makes you so certain that hell have access to sodium perchlorate, its kinda like an infinite circle of ignorance.

though, here is a peice from wikipedia
Sodium perchlorate is produced by anodic oxidation of sodium chlorate, not sodium chloride, at a platinum electrode.[3]

ClO3− + H2O → ClO4− + H2

im not toally certain, but i think that reaction requires there to be no-very little salt content, however i cant be sure

now, was that so hard, jus to say, electrolyse potassium chloride, boil it down, make chlorate, then re-electrolyse it again to make perchlorate

however ive also heard that its possible to simply catalyctally oxidize potassium chlorate to make perchlorate using a catalyste of some kind, and hydrogen peroxide, in fact there was an entire forum based on it, but i have no idea if thats true or not

well i may only be 14 but i have studied this for a little while (not the atomic science but instead the making of it) and the easiest way that i found is to find an old computer or laptop that doesn't an take the power source out and yellow and black are +12V/17A and ground, respectively. then use electrolysis through platinum and steel electrodes [rods or long pieces] into a highly saturated solution of potassium chloride [salt substitutes or water softener pellets] then wait a few days and you should have a nice amount of KClO3 (potassium CHLORATE) it does the same thing just not AS strong but still very efficient or you could use matches to make perchlorate

Above, to Lemonie, I totally agree... i have just graduated from high school, and not everyone has a doctorate, or access to high voltage electrodes. Since I finally turned 18, I have been looking into some of the things I couldn't do legally at 16 and 17... When someone says "easy" it typically leads someone to believe that they could do it at home with materials that they either have on hand, or can readily access through local department stores. As for me, I have never heard of Pt or Ti electrodes, but I do know that you definitely can't find them at Walmart.

This is a strong oxidiser and generally used in fire works and explosives WHY do you want to make it??

"KClO4 is prepared industrially by treating an aqueous solution of sodium perchlorate with KCl. This ion exchange process exploits the low solubility of KClO4, which is about 100 times less than the solubility of NaClO4 (209.6 g/100 mL at 25 °C)."

If you can't understand this or can't do it then I doubt you should be considering a use for the chemical.


Your question as to WHY, answers itself ! That is the only reason anyone is looking for Potassium Perchlorate.

I was planning on the painful and expensive route of KCl Cell to KClO3, then KClO3 Cell to KClO4 then purify by fractional crystalization.

Your answer on solubility makes it a cakewalk to to just NaCl Cell to NaClO4, then dump in some KCl


You can't find a good answer because you don't  (easily).
(Buy it or forget it.)


you people shouldnt comment as you don not realise the easyness to create potassium perchlorate it can be made from salt and ifyou dont know how this works stop posting about things you dont understand mate go to home pyro in will tell you what ever you need just click on the "how to make" tab

Go on then, tell us how easy it is.
(I have a doctorate in Chemistry)


OK mayte
simple explanation
sodium chloride is dissolved put in an air tight container and electricity is passed through a platinum anode and a titanium cathode this produces sodium perchlorate. if sodium chloride is substituted for potassium chloride potassium perchlorate will be produced. so if you don't know how to do that how did you get a doctorate in chemistry.....

I think NurdRage posted a video for that, no from bleach, but it's mostly the same. You'll see there it's a metal-ion exchange, which is not the same as starting with KCl. (You started saying "from salt", now you say from KCl)
Anyway, with regard to easyness, where do you easily get Pt & Ti electrodes?
Also, if your cell is air-tight, what do you do with the hydrogen?


i said substitute sodium chloride for potassium chloride. and you can find platinum and titanium anodes on ebay. those anodes are used for industrial production you can substitute titanium for stainless steel and platnium for graphite, magnetite, MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) or lead dioxide. each easily obtainable even to you with "chemistry degree" you just got told by a 16 year old so get that up ya

I know what you said, you said "you don not realise the easyness to create potassium perchlorate it can be made from salt " July 15th.

But, would you present your prep' to NurdRage? I'd be interested in his opinion.


(and don't get "arsey" with me. How old you are means nothing to me, you can be more polite, please try it)

Seconded.  Not without a complex/expensive lab and funky raw materials.