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How do you make your computer make money for you? Answered

I have a friend who said he makes 37 cents an hour or rather his computer makes 37 cents an hour for him making some sort of equations for people to solve and I was just wondering how I can do this.


Look up bit coins but he isn't making that much an hour with that. Now there may be services where you contribute to a distributed computing kind of a system and your paid for your free CPU cycles. But i'd be pretty suspect of anything like that. Just sounds like an opportunity to have your PC hacked. Though there are distributed computing projects out there that are looking for you to contribute your free CPU cycles too. But they do not offer compensation. Couple of the more popular ones are SETI@Home and Folding@Home. With SETI your contributing to the search for intelligent life. While folding@home your contributing to research in protein folding that could help cure things like cancer. But many groups have lots of fun trying to outdo others in the number of packets they are able to process. So check your favorite tech forums and see if they have a Folding or SETI group. This site doesn't have one.

I have a way of earning dollars honestly without leaving home completely free

Why don't you just ask your friend? there is no good reason for him not to tell you.

Sounds like he is mining for bitcoins.

There is a number of ways, You can use link shortening services like adf.ly: www.adf.ly where you shorten your links and put some advertising in between, like this: http://adf.ly/eOQfo and when people open it, they watch the ad and make you money. But this earns you little money unless you have a really popular website where people open your links all the time. Also here, you can use links like this http://adf.ly/?id=3109290 (its provided to you in the refferals page) to make your friends use it and earn 20% of their earnings, so you would earn more.

Also, you could use you computer for bitcoin mining, http://www.bitcoinmining.com/ but you would need a computer with a very (or more than one very) GPU or graphics card plugged in 24/7 and you still wouldn´t get rich.

Other ways are like has been said use youtube, but you would need to make some effort in order to create good videos (you can make some that use adf.ly links to earn even more money), or try to earn steam games at www.steamgifts.com

The most common way to make small amounts of money is to monitise your youtube channel. Google will pay you for putting adverts on there, a small amount depending on clicks BUT it adds up over time.

You can also monitise your web site with google.