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How do you make your own Lego Star Wars game for playstation 2? Answered



I am sorry to say this, but all, yes all, makers lack the resources to make a full-fledged PS2 game. Especially a re-creation of an already trademarked game. As fun as the star wars Lego games are, programming it would be a nightmare and if you take the smart choice of having a team do it, finding funds and resources and time would be impossible to do it non-corporately. Sorry. -M4

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You dont unless you have a Hi- Tech lazer burner, an advanced knowledge of computor graphics, a team of about 15 fellow graphics designers, written permission from George Lucas, Lego Company, and the company that made the original lego starwars game, 2 to 3 years to spare, and a couple hundered grand. Otherwize, go for it!