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How do you make your own cream of coconut? Answered

Hey all!

I live in provincial France, where it is virtually impossible to find Coco Lopez for piña coladas and other uses. I've tried several times to concoct my own, using sugar/corn syrup/other sweetener in combination with coconut milk, creamed coconut, and processed fresh coconut, but I am not getting satisfactory results. I can usually tweak the mixed piña to make it acceptable if it is drunk right away, but now I'm faced with the need to get my hands on some cream of coconut for a coconut cake recipe I'd like to try out.

IMPORTANT:  I need to know how to make the equivalent of Coco Lopez, which is "cream of coconut" and is not the same as coconut cream or creamed coconut.

If anyone knows the secret, please share! Even for people who can buy Coco Lopez whenever they want, it would be fun to have a DIY version of this tasty product using fresh (or at least, not so highly processed) ingredients with no weird additives.



I know this thread is old....but here's what I've done in the past. Get the best canned coconut cream you can find - it should be thick and white (I prefer Thai brands when given the option). Reduce by half on the stove -keep it to a low simmer, stirring regularly...it will foam up if you're not careful. Once it's cooked down, dissolve either 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup (sorry, can't remember which!) white sugar in it. The end result should be thick and syrupy....kept in the fridge, it should last for a couple of weeks.

Ironically we had to come up with this while in Fiji, where there are coconuts aplenty. For our bar on the boat we preferred to have a pre-sweetened, easy-to-use product for pina coladas, and this worked very well. Good luck!

Thank you!! Was trying to find cream of coconut at the shops could I my find coconut cream, will be using this in my piña

Cindalou, you are my newest heroine!

THANKS a 10^6th!!!

Camille (in Israel, where they don't have Cream of Coconut, and I'm desperate!)


2 years ago

Is this for drinks or a cake? Fresh grated coconut and coconut milk/cream is better for a coconut cake.

First, the coconut must be lactating, otherwise you can milk it all day to no avail...

YOU are a REAL,BONA FIDE COCONUT, Toga_NUT! I don't believe I've EVER heard of a nut/ fruit/seed OR veg that LACTATES!!


You had me at 'lactating'. And that's not a sentence I ever expected to type.

Oh MY...the list of thickeners and additives is QUITE long!!! Read the can, compadre! This is no simple process. I'm really almost HAPPY 'bout that...as I could eat the whole darn can!!

Coconut extract, sugar, and vodca.

In a blender put 26 oz vodca.

Add 1 cup white sugar and blend untill all the sugar is disolved.

Slowly add coconut extract about 1/2 teaspoon

I should do my Rum recipe as an Instructable it takes six months to make but wow it is 180 prof.

I know this thread is several years old but I'm curious if you ever found a usable recipe? Recently, I began looking for a natural way to make my own Cream of Coconut also (looking at the list of ingredients in the canned stuff made me frustrated). I thought of using gelatin as a binder / thickener for the desired texture. Is that something you can easily find in France?
Curious if you ever came up with anything successful..


I haven't found a solution yet. Coco Lopez is at the top of my list of things to bring back from home when I travel to the US, but I am still interested in making my own. I haven't taken much time to experiment since I last posted, but your ideas sound like they're worth a shot. I do have access to gelatin and other thickeners (agar agar, cornstarch, etc.), and I'll let you know if I come up with something. Thanks for keeping the thread alive!

Easy, but labor-intensive.

Make simple syrup (equal parts by volume of sugar and water, bring to boil in a small sauce pan, remove from heat, allow to cool).
Get a fresh coconut or two, drain and save the coconut water.
Remove the coconut flesh from the shell, and grate finely.
You should have roughly the same amount of coconut water as grated coconut, by volume. If not, add water or milk until the the volumes match.
Add grated coconut to the reserved coconut water in a large saucepan. Bring to a boil over low heat. Remove from heat and cover. Let cool to room temperature.
Line a strainer with cheesecloth.
Pour cooked coconut into strainer.
Remove cheesecloth and soggy coconut glop from strainer, and squeeze all the liquid into a container. Refrigerate. Discard grated coconut, or toast it and use it in another recipe.
The liquid will separate in the refrigerator. Skim the thicker later off of the top. This is your Cream of Coconut.
Sweeten with simple syrup to taste.

Thanks! I knew how to extract coconut cream (when living in a coconut climate, I used to do it just by machine-blending & straining, no cooking), but I am particularly interested in getting the right proportion of sugar to cream for proper cream of coconut, Lopez-style. "To taste," is always good advice, but what I really want to do is imitate Coco Lopez & I have no access to any cans of the stuff for comparison! Many thanks, on letting me know that cream of coconut is nothing more than coconut cream with sugar and water. I do wonder, though, if there isn't some sort of starch in Coco Lopez binding the coconut cream to the water in the sugar syrup. Regular coconut cream with raw sugar in a piña colada always ends up messily separated unless you drain the whole cocktail as soon as it's mixed. Additional contributions to this discussion welcome! Thanks RMS!

Hi there! Sorry, I don't have a more exact amount for the sugar than 'to taste". The recipe above was the product of some mixological experimentation in college (trying to make "fresh" pina coladas to score points with some girls- totally not worth the effort in the long run). We never had the issue with separation, but that's probably because we drank them really fast. ;-)

The ingredient list from a can of Coco Lopez is as follows:

As you can see, there's no starch, but there's a ton of emulsifiers. You might be able to track down the guar gum or locust bean gum at a natural foods supplier, but it's kind of a long shot. An egg yolk might work as an emulsifier in a pinch, but it would probably add an undesirable eggy flavor. Never tried it, so I don't know for sure.

You might be able to substitute corn syrup for the simple syrup to reduce the water content a bit. Again, I haven't tried that.

If you come up with a good, stable recipe be sure to post it as an Instructable. I'm sure others would be interested in knowing what discover.

OMG, I was totally not expecting that. THANK YOU so much! And yeah, now that I see all those scary/impossible-to-find ingredients, I may just stick with the basics. I'll definitely post when I come up with something conclusive. Thanks again. --Oh, and if your fresh piña coladas weren't scoring sustainable points, you were hanging out with the wrong girls!

LOL. "Hanging out with the wrong girls" pretty much defines my college experience. Good luck with the coconuts!