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How do you make your own waterproof bottle lables? Answered

I am planning on selling facial cleansing oil on etsy.com and need to make professional, creative self adheasive, oil/waterproof lables for my cobalt glass bottles. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you in advance! Sue S.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I dabbled in beer brewing for a bit, so have slight knowledge of the problems you're facing. I think that the two biggest issues are the ink and glue. The labels you use will need a glossy surface on the outside to avoid absorption of both your product and water (which will most likely be present at some time).

A quick search yielded some glossy labels that might warrant experimentation.

If the size of commercially available labels doesn't work you could always contact one of the companies and inquire about full sheets which you could then cut out yourself in crazy awesome custom shapes.

I've always found labels are a PITA, and try to remove them off of products I own anyway. If your bottles are aesthetically pleasing enough on their own, you may want to try a removable label so that the end users can just have a nice piece of art sitting around full of cleansing oil.

Just some thoughts :D


9 years ago

Try spraying with an automotive clear coat, urethane, etc afterwards or clear Plasti-Dip.

can you print directly on the bottle instead ? there are inks that get off only with alcohol or acetone