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How do you move solar energy from the panels to your house? Answered

How/what does the panel hook up to to bring the electricity into your house, and back to the grid if it's over producing?



9 years ago

Grid tied solar arrays use higher voltage solar modules(24, 36, and sometimes 48 volts) connected in series to provide a minimum 200 VDC, maximum 550 VDC which runs to a grid tie inverter. the inverter will provide true sine wave electricity identical to grid electricity. This type of system is cheaper(for a similar sized array) than an offgrid one because we don't need batteries

off grid system is built like that solar cells and/or wind turbine --wires--> charger --> battery --> protection (battery side fuse) --> inverter --> more protection (breakers) --home wiring--> sockets and lights on grid system has special (and way more expensive) inverter that can analyse and get along with the electricity provided by the power grid. a standard inverter will conflict with the grid. usually the grid wins and blows up the inverter the power company may require you to notify them of your system and install outdoors isolator switch accessible to them. it is important for the safety of their workers on the electric grid. dont skip this step

Wire : ) Unfortunately, I believe that most solar systems are set to provide 12v DC, so you would need an inverter to convert to AC. The power company will buy whatever you don't need, but you might need a special power meter-you would have to ask the local utility. All this would have to be done by a licensed electrician, so you would have to ask what the local cost would be.