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How do you open zotac mag? Answered

I would like to know how to open a zotac mag to replace the RAM in it.



Best Answer 8 years ago

This is one of those questions you know several other people will have asked already.
See this forum thread for some advice:


thanks you Lemonie!

[1] Identify the "back cover" plastic part (black color), which is to be detached for disassembling the MAG

[2] Remove two screws which fix the "back cover" to the base of the MAG

[3] Use a small "minus (-)" type screw driver to separate the "back cover" plate (black color) from the silver part. Bear in mind that there are many small plastic hooks inside the MAG on all four edges, the separation should be done evenly on all four side, bit by bit. Do not make a large separation suddenly at one point, otherwise it may break the internal plastic hooks.

[4] Detach the "back cover" to access the internal component, which becomes straight forward.

Let us know how it goes - I'ble?


All went as planed. RAM has been upgraded. thanks for the help