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How do you program yourself to receive transmissions from an external source? Is there a method of self hypnosis? Answered

How do you enter a state of mind consistently where you are receiving transmissions so that you feel your inner ear vibrating with each download? I have experienced this randomly and want to pursue a deeper dialogue with the source. Is there a method of self hypnosis? What is this dimension i've experienced and why is it completely dark, yet can psychically communicate with a loved one or listen to a spirit guide singing?
Is there an extra dimension where others with similar experiences go to meet? I've always felt that there is something out there i'm searching for...



8 years ago

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You might want to look into meditation and visualization exercises, and possibly also brainwave entrainment devices like these:
or others.

This can help you place yourself into a more receptive and creative state via a kind of auto-hypnosis. Whether you can connect to any external source via these methods is debatable.

... and I'm trying EXTREMELY hard not to debate it, since I don't think the querent wants to hear that debate.

Indeed. It's very hard for someone who has experienced a phenomena to be convinced that the phenomena does not exist by someone who refutes the existence of the phenomena, especially since the person attempting to refute the phenomena will not have experienced the phenomena, and had they experienced it, they would not be able to refute it.

And equally difficult to convince a skeptic of the validity of such phenomena using wholly subjective arguments. Especially given that two people using the same techiniques in the same environment at the same time can have totally different experiences, or none at all.
But hey, if it was scientifically demonstratable, it would be science. One day it may be science, but it's not there yet.

I believe that this can work. In my experience of listening to "space music" via Hearts of Space, i have achieved various euphoric and meditative states.

I also believe that there was a conscious choice involved with the reception of messages. There may be a psychological hurdle, where one must absolve their fears before being able to open up to a connection. The reflex of a fear reaction while your core is open tenses you up and cuts off the reception.
The other catch is that there isn't always a message to receive.

My biggest concern with this product is that the glasses or earphones might become uncomfortable.

I know that enclosures work (like sitting in the car in the garage) but they can quickly become stuffy. Could try to project the light onto the wall while lounging in a walk in closet.

From my own experience with entrainment devices, the hardware is not distracting at all. I've fallen asleep with the gear on more times than I can count. I did swap out the cheesy headphones it came with for a full-earcup model that was both more comfortable and served to block out external noise, but the original phones were perfectly fine except when the irritating college girls across the street lost their dog (which happened nightly) and were standing in their yard screeching "Iko!!!!" for hours on end. ;-)

I can also highly recommend sensory deprivation "float tanks", if you are lucky enough to have access to one. Just don't shave immediately before geting into one, and make sure that you don't have any tiny cuts from working with glass. That can be unpleasant. And unconducive to a meditative state.

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You want wireless support?  Have you checked your data sheet to determine whether or not you're equipped for it, and if so which spec?  Are you Bluetooth, 802.11b, 802.11g, AM, FM, ULF?  Have you tried making a wired connection, perhaps with USB?

I was sleeping in my car at college the first time this happened, so it may be a wireless to T1 connection. That one felt like a tuning fork, and I described it as being able to hear my sleep state brain waves.
But another time i was in a dead zone in rural Mississippi, perhaps the longest episode too...  that one was like a music concert, very smooth, out of body, and peaceful.
The most recent one was in a house in LA, near one of those huge transmission lines...  and that one actually had a video feed, and resulted in the strongest physical phenomena to the point i could feel my head vibrating with each download. I was able to conjure a pointing device via Mac OS and manipulate the feed rate.
So it seems i must be increasing in capabilities. I expect within 10 years I will exceed the supercomputing status of most countries, so it seems inevitable that I will hack into and take over the world wide web.