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How do you publish your own guide? Answered

I was wondering how you could make them. Guides are just lists of notable instructables for a certain category, And I was wondering how I could make my own guides. It could be a special power/privilege that only certain people have, but after seeing the plastic bags guide, im not so certain......


They are staff-only right now. However, we are quickly building the tool so that everyone can make their own. It might be ready in about a month.

If someones running out of ideas I'd like to see a guide of things to do with Tshirts. Not just how to change the look but to make other things from them. I noticed there are a lot of thos around, some that use Tshirts to make radically different things. (Also I have one making a vacuumcleaner-bag) I'd do it myself but I'm going to have forgotten by the time It's available.

Lego Man published a guide, and he isnt a staff member......... Noahw said I could publish my guide via PM, and gave me steps already....


9 years ago

It is reserved for TPTB but if you talk to them and give them your list, they might publish one in your name.

The Powers That Be, aka the instructables staff.

No, Lego Man posted a guide too, Either its available to the public, its a special privilege, or Lego Man is part of the staff

Noah actually told me I can pm him for the privelege

I already PM'd him......

Do let us know the reply... =D

not funny, Im trying to ask a serious question here...

. To the contrary. Imagine Kiteman saying that with a regal English accent. It's hilarious!

I think he'd missed the italics in the first place... I'd still be interested in having the kite doll that says thing like "Hello, you" when you squeeze it...

"S'cuse me sir, that's there you want there, not their, you'll also need their there, rather than they're."

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Shoot...he's got us. KJ, you said it first, you have to make it. Plus, you live like...next door to kiteman. So go get the recordings =]

never thought about that part..... I have to be more optimistic....

Ok, you wanted a reply, here it is:


. Are Legos enough like K'nex that you would like to do that one?

Knex wasnt an option, and I used to be a lego fan, so I did that....

Look, Im trying to ask a useful question, I dont want irrelevant jokes...please?

Is there a secret trap? Or some setup? The Last PM I got from admins was about the DIY haloween contest, no warning PMs