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How do you put a cellphone on a knex roller coaster? Answered

On youtube people did a lot of POVs for their knex roller coaster. I want to do one too. I don't have a mini camera or that set that comes with a small camera in it. So I want to put my cellphone onto it. My question is how to do it w/o using tape, glue, other materials, or modding the car?. Thanks.


Just out of curiosity, why can't you use a bit of tape of make a bracket for the car? Is this for some kind of contest, or do you just dislike simple solutions to problems?

I see. How about Blu-Tac? Leaves no residue at all, as long as you stay clear of itty-bitty mic & speaker holes.

I used to do it with rubber bands. Though it somethimes got loose or the track wasn't build for the large thing to pass trough.

Using my cellphone also "disbalanced" my coaster train, it no longer made it trough the looping.

The rubber bands can go around the cart, attach to the different connections etc.

just make something out of knex to hold your cellphone

I tried that but I can't manage to do so. Can you post a pic for me of how do that?

I'm afraid I can't build that without your cellphone

It's an LG EnV3. Or I can use my brother's which is a LG Chocolate.

I still need the cellphone to fit it in, I'm not gonna buy it though, you're gonna have to try something yourself

No glue or other materials - so you can't use anything to tie down the phone.  No modding the car - so you won't add anything to the car to secure the phone.  Well I'm glad we're using your phone because with these restrictions it's impossible to make sure that the phone won't come out and re-kit itself.

Good luck.