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How do you put a chainsaw onto a bike? Answered

Step by step porcess of putting a chainsaw onto a bike. I have access to welding, soldering, a chainsaw, and a bike.



2 years ago

well here it is... You mount the engine in the frame motorcycle style... Then go to sbp.com or a site that has freewheel chainrings and a wide crank assembly. Then a strong bike chain or belt from the saw (the beauty of the chainsaw is the drive side is the same as chainring side.) To the chainring, that way you are able to use your gears and less weight than conventional motor kits. They say chainsaws are to high strung for bikes I disagree, almost any motor can be made to handle almost any application its all in the parts that are on the motor. My point is you can make an engine produce torque or horsepower or both depending on the parts on the motor.

It;'s one of those things that trial and error I have creater 12 so far. It's not easy. I would reccomend dissassembling the clutch on it, and finding a bike peg that fits onto it(IE screws on or fits.) THis works well for a friction drive. Try welding a threaded axle of sorts where the back brake is attached at the crossbar. Make sure the engine is going the right direction, so you know how to build it so the bike goes foward. I would use angle iron in an "L" shap, able to be bought at home depot on the cheap.

you don't

what re-design said !  But leave th' chainsaw right up and let th' wheel you drive with th' engine friction drive th' bikes wheel !  This allows endless adjustments to th' final drive ratio !!

<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/3-spd-Chainsaw-Belt-driven-Push-Scooter/">Do this and</a> substitute "bicycle" anywhere it says "scooter".<br />