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How do you put acrilic paint on styrafoam? Answered

When I paint acrilic on styrafoam (or any plastic for that matter) it always looks seethrough and you can see the brushstrokes.


You can use Geso - an acrylic base prime used on most paintings. It will allow anything to adhere to it. If you want to make a super smooth painting on the styrofome without having to sand to much, you can layer the Geso. Doing so will give you the feel of canvas. Good luck

givve your plastic surface a light sanding first to create a solid base for your primer and paint to adhere to, them use one coat of acrylic primer, followed by your acrylic paint for a few coats. Also, when painting your top coats, consider using a brush with finer hairs, this should prevent brush strokes. Good luck!

spray it on? Prime the surface first (with a styrofoam and acrylic-friendly primer) to give it an even surface and colour.