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How do you rate knex guns? Answered

How do you rate knex guns.

I rate it on this system (the stars are what i give or take from the base rating of a gun for that part):
Gun build- 1 star
looks- .5 stars
range- 1 star
Function- 2 stars
other opinions- .5 stars

If its a block trigger, It gets 0.5 stars, and it goes up from there (up to 3 stars)

what is your rating system?


For me: 1. Looks. 2. Ease of following of the instructable. 3. Innovation. 4. Function.

Ease of following instructable has nothing to do with the actual gun.

When you rate, you're rating the Instructable, not the actual gun.

Not really. If I were to post instructions on how to fold a piece of paper in half, I doubt it would get a decent rating even with immaculate instructions.

But a good instructable on a fully automatic K'nex gun would get higher ratings than a bad one. I hope.

Yes, but what you were saying is that ratings were based PURELY on instructions.

Have you ever rated an instructable a bad rating because of the instructions. I consider it a factor, but not as big as the other ones I stated.

Yes I have rated an Instructable down because of the instructions, but those do not affect the gun. I personally think Instructables should have 2 rating systems; one for instructions and one for the actual product.

Yes, that is a good idea. Since we're stuck with this rating system now, how do you consider the ease of following the instructable? I think the mentality is that is the instructions are bad, then the rating is bad. But is the instructions are good, then people rate it on the performance rather than on the instructions and forget about rating. But I like the idea of two ratings. The only problem would be that it might get too complex.

Possibly. Maybe someone should suggest it to the admin...

It seems like you know what you're talking about so you should post it. I'm sure they'd give it some consideration.

Those aren't in any specific order, I was just listing them.

why does it matter

why is looks more stars than function? its idiotic

I wrote .5.

there is a difference between decimals and regular numbers

If I like the look, chances are I'll rate it 5. Iunno, I guess I'm too generous.

Please refrain from block trigger hate. If it is on a good gun, then it makes little difference. If the K'nexsayer had a block trigger, would it be knocked back a whole star because of that?

I don't rate things often but when I do I usually use my detailed rating guide. I average out the ratings.
1. Size Efficient- Compared to the other stats, how well this gun uses pieces.
2. Power and Range efficiency- compared to size generally, the farther it can go, the higher the rating.
3. Accuracy- set up different ranges. The further it can hit an object, the higher the rating.
4. Loading- the easier it is to load the better. Single shots barrel loaded are low while removable magazines that take little effort to use are high.
5. Handling- overall just how well I can use the gun. If it's comfortable, easy to cock, and easy to hold it'll get a high rating
6. Looks- basically the more pleasing to the eye it is the higher it will be rated
7. Reliability - I fire it about 25 time or until it jams. I'll do this a couple times and average out the rating. .5 /5 = 5% reliabilty so if it's a 3/5 is equal to 60% reliabilty (everying 6 out of 10 shots will work while every 4 will jam) I'll also subtract a little when it's aim is inconsistent.
8. Other features +(#) basically anything extra that doesn't help the above will be added into the total. Depending how well it works I'll usually throw in an extra .5 for each one.
I add 'em up and average it out. Sorry long post but yeah I'm detailed...

How well they work. That means that you build them first. Not just first impression.

lol, It works different per person. Dr weird got a better result than I did when he built my crossbow.