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How do you re temper a spring? Answered

I have and old shotgun that has a worn flat spring. It's a hardware store brand so i can find a replacement part . If i could re temper it to a better springiness it would have the power to in engage the primer.As of now i get about 12 good shots before i have to stop and let the spring recover.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Well, assuming you have a back up plan, you could give it a shot. But you will quite likely ruin the spring in the process.

I've dabbled a little bit in tempering steel, but not with springs. But if you wanna try, one of the simplest methods of hardening/tempering is as follows: Heat it red hot with a torch. Then drop it in a cup of water when it's red hot all over. This hardens the spring, but makes it very brittle, like glass. If you reheat the spring until it just starts to change a dark bluish color, but before it starts to glow red, this will make it less brittle. Alternatively, you can turn the lights down real low and heat it until it just barely starts to glow.Make sure you get this hue to appear all over, but it doesn't have to occur at the same time, like when you hardened it. This time let it cool in air.

After it's done, it will hopefully be harder than before, but not so hard that it breaks like glass.

If you are still looking. http://www.ctmuzzleloaders.com/ctml_experiments/tempering/tempering.html

speings cant be successfully retempered and hardened they end up breakingfrom the stress cracks caused by use. My suggestion if it is a flat spring look at clocks and other windup things find one close to the thicknes and width and get out the dremel and shape your own . you will even be able to fine tune you trigger pull by trying different thickness and varying widths of different thicknesses but be slow at shaping as to constantly cool if it even warms up or you will ruin the temper

I don't think trying to improve the spring is the answer. If the spring is poor, fit a better one. L

Possibly, but that involves a lot of work. You can get "performance" bits for cars, bikes, RC cars etc - surely someone will be selling a better spring? L

yep, it would be pretty hard considering it is a strange shape and replacement parts where never made for this gun