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How do you recess a Tune-O-Matic Style bridge into a guitar? Can someone maybe make an instructable? Answered

I am building a guitar using a fender neck and a Tune-O-Matic style bridge. I dont want to have an angled neck, so can someone give me detailed instructions on how to recess a Tun-O-Matic please? If someone could make an Instructable that would be even better, thanks.



Best Answer 10 years ago

Measure the total height of the bridge, including the stud tops and adjustment wheels. Then route a cavity in the body deep enough so the tune-o-matic sits at the height you want. Make sure there's enough wood underneath for the studs. If you want to adjust the bridge height with the strings in place, you'll have to rout a cavity large enough to get your fingers around the adjustment wheels. Otherwise you'll have to remove the bridge to change it's height. You'll either need to rout another cavity for the tailpiece, or drill holes through the guitar and use ferrules to feed the strings in through the back. You'll need some kind of backplate as a stop for the string end balls.