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How do you remove an image from an outdated silk screen? Answered

Is there a way to remove the image from the fabric after you are done with it in order to use said fabric for another design? We have professional screens and equipment that we picked up at a garage sale some time ago and would love to reuse the screens with our own designs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if it can only be done on newer emulsions (we have a few blanks) it would be helpful. Thanks in advance!



8 years ago

i had a ruined screen. i tried everything. professional Screen Opener, Bleach, Mineral Spirits. eventually i got my hands on a pressure washer. came out instantly. if you don't have one go to a self serve car wash(the drive thru ones) and use theirs for a small fee.

Most say to soak for about 10 minutes in a bleach solution and then scrub with a brush under water to get out the emulsion. If you are lucky to have a pressure washer, it may help with the really stubborn parts. Repeat the process if there is still stuff stuck in the screen. The trick is not to let the bleach on long enough to destroy the fabric and use elbow grease. Scrub the screen supported on a flat surface so you don't stretch is any further when wet. Good luck.

If not, replace the screens, try pearlpaint.com for supplies if you are not near an art store.