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How do you remove paint from an ice-cube tray so that you can use the ice-cube tray for making ice again? Answered

So I have this ice-cube tray, made of white plastic. My little sister used it for a paint palette and she didn't wash it. You can still see the green paint and I'm not sure what type of paint she used. We've tried using detergent and toothpaste. It removed most of the paint, but there's still a bit left. I'm also not sure whether it will be safe to use at all. 
Any ideas?


You can get two for a dollar at the dollar store

Less than $2 will get you a new one, what's the problem?

Pan scrubber or wire wool, it will however scratch - Get a new one.

I agree with Jack, since they're cheap.

but if you really want to use them then I'd just fill with water and freeze then pop the cubes out. This might remove the paint but you might have to do this several times.

YOu might also try spraying WD40 to see if it lifts the paint. You can remove the WD40 with soap and water.

I humbly suggest you get a new ice cube tray for making ice cubes, and give the old one unto your little sister for her exclusive use as a paint palette.