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How do you remove the high voltage diode from inside of a modern television flyback transformer? Answered

I recently acquired an AC flyback transformer from an old vacuum tube television. I am planning on making a voltage multiplier for it to achieve voltages of 100kV +. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way that my parents will let me buy anything at this moment, so I need a source of high voltage diodes and capacitors. Luckily, I have a big bag of capacitors, but I have no high voltage diodes. I do, however, have a pile of modern television flyback transformers that have built in high voltage diode stacks inside of them. I am wondering if there is anyway for me to liberate them. I do not care about the rest of the transformer. The coils can be damaged beyond all hope or repair, as long as I get the diodes out. So far all of my attempts at dremeling the transformers have resulted in a big white puff of dust from the insulation inside of the transformer. Any help is appreciated - Thank you.


Try old microwave ovens. The big metal capacitors usually have a high voltage diode attached, though you have to test them to make sure they haven't blown. Be careful to discharge the oven cap before you start working on it! Paul

I've already tried, but most of them are rated to a voltage that is too low. My flyback eats right through most of them.

I am not sure about this but I have heard that the whole transformer is filled up with that insulator that you can usually see on the bottom which would make it impossible to get the diodes out or they would have lots of insulation on them if you did get them out. I am not sure if this is true so you might want to try in case I am wrong and the things aren't filled with insulation. Good Luck.

Yes, that has been the problem ofr me. The whole transformer is potted in plastic insulation. Is there any other place that I can get high voltasge diodes from?