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How do you repaint a sheetrock ceiling if the the existing paint peels off on the roller when you try to repaint? Answered



If the paint is coming off onto the roller, it will probably come off if you simply dab at the surface with something sticky. When I've had a serious peeling problem, I've used adhesive tape as a first-pass before considering scraping or sanding; it can be a fast low-dust way to remove most of the loose material. Then come back with something more aggressive around the edges of those removed patches to make sure you've got everything that's loose.

Will try the adhesive tape trick this weekend and will give you feedback on how it works or not. Thank you everyone for your input on this awful problem.

You need to scrape and sand off the existing paint. While you're doing that, you need to check and see if the material is damp and/or moldy and make repairs if it is. Apply a good primer and a paint intended for the application you're using it in. If it's a bathroom or kitchen, you should use a kitchen & bath paint.

further to this answer:
"you need to check and see if the material is damp and/or moldy and make repairs if it is"

If you have any mold on your sheetrock you need to remove the moldy sheet and investigate the cause, then repair, install a new sheet, tape and mud, sand, then repaint.

right you are, I'd have mentioned this myself but I was more or less thinking it was another question.

no probs. I figured that's what you meant, but also thought to put it in writing just in case the question-asker didn't know. cheers!